Discipline is the key to success in betting. You can be a master in the art of finding winners, but if you lack discipline you will struggle to avoid losing money in the long run.

Even if you are what could be termed a recreational punter, someone who enjoys the odd flutter with money he can easily afford never to see again, it is important to exhibit a degree of discipline. Is it really fun when you lose so much money every week? Please lah. We playing for the thrill and TO WIN. So do it smartly.

Indiscipline can creep in both when you are winning and when you are losing. They say a football team is at its most vulnerable when it has just scored, and the same can be said of the punter who has just bet on a winner. Win once liao, start thinking it’s easy, stop analyzing, start anyhow spending your winnings at Shanghai Dolly and Peace Centre. DISCIPLINE. DISCIPLINE!!!

For the punter who has just backed a loser, the equivalent of playing up your winnings is chasing your losses and is just about the most dangerous thing you can do.

Instead of waiting until you see a price that you genuinely consider worth taking, you bet at the next available opportunity in the hope of wiping the slate clean as quickly as possible. Follow the rules. When I say “bet only when all 3 systems tally”, I MEAN IT. Don’t try to win back as fast and possible or else you will find yourself in even deeper shit I promise you.

Come back and read this article every damn day if you are really serious about making money from Singapore Pools. Remind yourself that betting means there’s winning and also losses. Pay close attention to what you do and don’t get in way over your head. Don’t let your emotions take control.